The future of Baja, Mexico

“My job used to be very risky and there was a lot of suffering involved, whereas the job I have now is very beautiful and I really enjoy it” – Pablo Geraldo, former shark fisher and current ecotourism advocate

Filmed by the talented Martin Gregus Jr., this film sheds light on the transformation of Mexico Baja from a region plagued by industrialized fishing to a beacon of hope for marine conservation and sustainable ecotourism.

Our exploration begins with an overview of Mexico’s industrialized fishing practices, which have historically posed a significant threat to marine life, including the near-extinction of sharks in the Sea of Cortez. Did you know that millions of sharks are killed each year due to human activities such as fishing?

Through insightful interviews with local fishermen like Juan Pablo Cuevas and Pablo Geraldo, we gain firsthand perspectives on the challenges facing Mexico Baja’s marine ecosystems. Juan Pablo Cuevas, a fourth-generation fisherman from Isla El Pardito, shares how his community’s mindset shifted from exploitation to conservation after collaborating with researchers and witnessing the impact of their fishing practices on the ocean.

 Similarly, Pablo Geraldo, a former shark fisherman turned ecotourism advocate, reflects on his decision to transition from fishing to hosting ecotourism experiences in the Bay of Dreams. His story highlights the power of individual action in driving positive change for the environment.

We also hear from Todd Lemons, co-founder of MarVivo, an organization dedicated to shark preservation. Todd shares the success story of Cabo Pulmo, where community-led conservation efforts have led to the restoration of marine biodiversity and the revitalization of local economies through ecotourism.

“The Future of Baja” showcases how Mexico Baja has emerged as a pioneer in marine conservation and sustainable tourism, offering a beacon of hope for our oceans’ future. Through collaborative efforts and a commitment to stewardship, communities in Mexico Baja are leading the way towards a more sustainable and resilient future for our planet.

We want to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Martin Gregus Jr. for his exceptional work in capturing the beauty and importance of Mexico Baja’s marine ecosystems. His talent and dedication have brought this important & inspiring story to life, and we are honored to share it with the world.

We also want to send our deepest thank you’s to all the fishremen, ecotourism advocates and people putting in the effort to save our planet. 

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