The people of Sumbawa, Indonesia

“In a world where it often feels like we are divided by our differences, it was reminder of the power of human connection”

We’re thrilled to present ThisWorld original, “The People of Sumbawa” a poignant exploration of resilience, community, and the power of human connection. As we delved into the heart of this small Indonesian island, we were deeply moved by the warm embrace of its people and the profound lessons they shared with us.

Sumbawa’s coral reefs, once vibrant and teeming with life, now face unprecedented challenges due to climate change and pollution. The devastating impact of these threats cannot be understated, but behind the distress and challenges, we discovered a glimmer of hope. We met Robert, a local fisherman who, along with his family, welcomed us into their world with open arms. Through their eyes, we witnessed the stark reality of life in Sumbawa and the urgent need for environmental care.

Despite the hardships they face, the people of Sumbawa exemplify the resilience of the human spirit. Together, they navigate the complexities of modern-day challenges, drawing strength from their strong sense of community and unwavering kindness towards one another. Even in the face of adversity, they find joy in simple pleasures, forging meaningful connections with strangers and embracing the spirit of hospitality that defines their culture.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the people of Sumbawa for opening their hearts and homes to us, sharing their stories, and teaching us invaluable lessons about compassion, resilience, and the power of human connection. Special thanks to Robert and his family for their generosity and hospitality, and for allowing us to shine a light on their remarkable journey.

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